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YouTube: How to Rank Your Videos: 5 Proven SEO Factors and Strategies

There is a false understanding that people on Google’s YouTube platform are making boatloads of money. For some, this is right. The top 10 highest-paid YouTubers in 2019, according to Forbes, received a pot worth an estimated $162 million, a ton of money for those lucky individuals. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is not the measure. When you factor in the time, the technology, the team, fan donations, and stock sold, you’ll understand how much work goes into growing a money-making channel.

Are you thinking of starting a YouTube channel, or are you a creator at your performance?

Check out these top proven SEO strategies to learn how to rank YouTube videos and stand out from the crowd. This article will help increase your videos to their maximum potential and see an increase in viewers.


  1. Keyword Research

Did you know that YouTube was started in 2005? If you want your YouTube videos to be found online, keyword research is vital. Keywords are the words people type into a search and then have different pages come up.

You can use YouTube’s Search Suggest for some top keyword ideas. When you’re on YouTube, type in a phrase or word, and then YouTube will offer you a bunch of search ideas.

The terms that come up are what people are searching for. You can also find a popular video in your niche and copy the keywords they have. Go to a channel and choose the most popular option at the top.

This will then show you that person’s most popular videos. Check out the video tags, description, and title since they’ll have keywords.


  1. Regularly Schedule Content

To get the required watch time, you want others to subscribe to your channel. YouTube is hugely competitive, and to stand out; you’ll want to make sure you’re regularly producing SEO friendly content.

Ensure you have a regular schedule of when you produce content. Make sure you stick to it, whatever schedule you decide on.


  1. Use a Strong Thumbnail

You can choose which thumbnail to use for your video. YouTube automatically chooses three screenshots, but you can choose your own instead of those. Since thumbnail images are essential for getting others to click on your video, ensure they are high-quality.

You don’t have to use an image from the video one that’s related to your target keyword used is a high thumbnail image. Ensure it has a strong title as well.


  1. Have Longer Videos

YouTube prefers videos that are at least 5 minutes long. When your video is longer, they can run more ads. You also have a higher chance of ranking on Google with longer videos.

  1. Increase Viewer Retention

To increase viewer retention, you’ll want to give a quick summary at the beginning of the video of what you’ll be talking about. It’s important since many people won’t stay for the whole video.

Jump into the content immediately, after your quick summary, instead of having long introductions. You can also talk about what you’ll discuss later in the video so they’ll keep watching.


How To Create Engaging Video Content

Damith Lasantha

How To Create Engaging Video Content

Marketing methods appear, disappear over the years, so do their levels of effectiveness. One strategy to building your business that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon is video. By next year it's estimated that video will account for at least 80% of worldwide internet traffic.

But there's more to video content than watching funny cat videos. To create engaging video content that your audience genuinely want to watch requires several key elements if you're going to get the best out of this powerful marketing technique.


Know Your Target Audience

Before you start thinking about your video content, you need to understand who your target audience is. You need to narrow down your target market so that you have an audience that is genuinely receptive to what you share with them.


Know Your Objectives

As well as knowing your audience, you need to know your objectives. What is the point of the video content that you're creating Even if your main reason might be to sell your product and make money, you need to look at the idea from the audience's point of view. So, you may be doing it to make money, but you're also doing it to educate, talk about, interact with, and stimulate your audience on your subject matter.


Record in Batches

It's essential to get good video content on your YouTube channel regularly. But it can sound challenging to develop a video every week, edit it, and post it. So, you can record your videos in batches, rather than one by one.

Following is a list of five relatively low in price and methods requiring little of least effort to Video Content Writing content.

  • Mobile Phone: Most modern phones, iPhone in particular, come with higher quality video recording features. However, the quality is not as high as the professional recording cameras. YouTube hosts some of the most interesting and "of the moment" videos that were shot on a mobile phone. The captures are perfect quality videos.
  • Webcam: Webcams provide an inexpensive yet great informal way of the off-the-cuff type of productions, including video blogging, interviews, introductions, and tutorials.
  • Digital Video Camera: In recent years, there are several high definition digital video cameras available that can be used to produce good quality videos at a reasonably lower cost.
  • Screen Recording Software: Both free and commercial screen capturing software can be used to record every computer activity on your computer screen to create a software demo, a webinar.
  • Windows Movie Maker: Windows Movie Maker, preinstalled in Windows, can be used for activities including import video clips, audio clips, and pictures to create simple videos with title cards, transitions, and other necessary effects.


Keep It Short and Sweet

Keeping your video to two minutes or less is important because they're more likely to be watched to the end. More than 3 or 4 minutes maybe too much, but it is certainly no longer than 10 minutes on more complicated information. Keep each video focused on one point. So, it is even easier to publish consistently and frequently, because you don't have to spend that much time on each video.

If you have some online video presence, you can succeed in business these days.


How To Create Engaging Video Content

Take Your Photography To The Next Level

Damith Lasantha

Take Your Photography To The Next Level


Millions of people love to pick up a camera and capture some of the most stunning moments. You are probably always looking for ways not only to extend your portfolio but also to improve the quality of your images. In this post, we will be looking at how you can get more from your cameras and the photos it takes. While many people may tell you that you need to spend thousands on lenses and other equipment to get better pictures, you can do it on a budget.

When it comes to photography, we know that at one time, it was one of those things that took an extreme amount of skill and art and were something that not just anybody could pick up and do. Thanks to the wonders of the digital world and cellphone photography, anybody can start taking fantastic photographs for their personal use or sharing online. If you are a blogger or enjoy sharing photos on social media, there are some necessary skills needed but luckily reasonably simple.


Tools For Success


You need to update your equipment if you want better photos.  The first thing that you want to understand and utilize is your settings. Most people make simple mistakes without knowing their cameras’ ideal settings, and they also white balance using white. The best tip we can offer is to white balance your camera using the grey side of your white card.

If you want to spend a little cash on improving the photos you take dramatically, try investing in some simple white lighting. Nine times out of ten, if you want a better picture, you need to improve your lighting setup.

Due to the quality of cell phone cameras, you can use those for taking photos. A cellphone or regular camera, both will have auto settings, which can be great for you to get started.



Learn To Edit


Editing is important, mainly if you use your photos online. The final thing we are going to look at is editing our pictures. You can use Corel Paint Shop Pro for photo editing, but there are many choices. The essential thing is to shrink and compress photos for online use. As far as quality things like lightroom preset for photographers are fantastic for helping you get a lot from your images.

You may see that many photographers do a lot of editing to their pictures, this is something you want to avoid as it’s the number one tell of a bad photographer. It will help if you are looking to make complex tweaks that highlight your work. When it comes to editing, there are hundreds of fantastic options you can look at, and some are even free.

It would help if you started with free ones until you get a little more into editing and then look at buying some more advanced software. If you take both of these things into account, you may find that your hobby becomes something more. And you could even start to earn a little bit and get some appreciation for your photographs.

Take Your Photography To The Next Level