Jul 09 , 2020


YouTube: How to Rank Your Videos: 5 Proven SEO Factors and Strategies

There is a false understanding that people on Google’s YouTube platform are making boatloads of money. For some, this is right. The top 10 highest-paid YouTubers in 2019, according to Forbes, received a pot worth an estimated $162 million, a ton of money for those lucky individuals. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is not the measure. When you factor in the time, the technology, the team, fan donations, and stock sold, you’ll understand how much work goes into growing a money-making channel.

Are you thinking of starting a YouTube channel, or are you a creator at your performance?

Check out these top proven SEO strategies to learn how to rank YouTube videos and stand out from the crowd. This article will help increase your videos to their maximum potential and see an increase in viewers.


  1. Keyword Research

Did you know that YouTube was started in 2005? If you want your YouTube videos to be found online, keyword research is vital. Keywords are the words people type into a search and then have different pages come up.

You can use YouTube’s Search Suggest for some top keyword ideas. When you’re on YouTube, type in a phrase or word, and then YouTube will offer you a bunch of search ideas.

The terms that come up are what people are searching for. You can also find a popular video in your niche and copy the keywords they have. Go to a channel and choose the most popular option at the top.

This will then show you that person’s most popular videos. Check out the video tags, description, and title since they’ll have keywords.


  1. Regularly Schedule Content

To get the required watch time, you want others to subscribe to your channel. YouTube is hugely competitive, and to stand out; you’ll want to make sure you’re regularly producing SEO friendly content.

Ensure you have a regular schedule of when you produce content. Make sure you stick to it, whatever schedule you decide on.


  1. Use a Strong Thumbnail

You can choose which thumbnail to use for your video. YouTube automatically chooses three screenshots, but you can choose your own instead of those. Since thumbnail images are essential for getting others to click on your video, ensure they are high-quality.

You don’t have to use an image from the video one that’s related to your target keyword used is a high thumbnail image. Ensure it has a strong title as well.


  1. Have Longer Videos

YouTube prefers videos that are at least 5 minutes long. When your video is longer, they can run more ads. You also have a higher chance of ranking on Google with longer videos.

  1. Increase Viewer Retention

To increase viewer retention, you’ll want to give a quick summary at the beginning of the video of what you’ll be talking about. It’s important since many people won’t stay for the whole video.

Jump into the content immediately, after your quick summary, instead of having long introductions. You can also talk about what you’ll discuss later in the video so they’ll keep watching.